Slotted disc springs
For enormous loads
Slotted on the inside, the outside, or a combination of the two? Whether it's a drawing or developed precisely to individual customer requirements, cb also supports you with everything related to slotted disc springs.

We offer you classic slotted disc springs for ball bearing applications as well as customized solutions.

Here we design our slotted disc springs in such a way that deflection of the loads remains constant between two fixed points. This is especially advantageous where clutches are concerned.

Since slotted disc springs are generally exposed to high loads, they have to be distinctive for maximum flexibility. Only the right design and the right materials – combined with intelligent production methods – create the basis for this.

cb sets new standards here and fulfills even the extreme requirements of the automotive industry and motorsports. But slotted disc springs can open up interesting new perspectives in other branches of industry as well – we'll be happy to accompany you with practice-based solutions!