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Career prospects in Welzheim
As the largest employer in the Welzheim region, cb currently has 300 employees. Continuity is important to us – we like employees who have been with us for a long time – and we also appreciate a steady stream of constantly fresh and new ideas. This is why training plays an important role at our company.

We make use of state-of-the-art technologies in our development and production. Permanent exchanges of experience combined with our principle of placing a firm focus on our customers and their requirements make us far more than a mere producer. Advanced testing methods guarantee comprehensive quality assurance.

Creativity and further development are of course also the result of hard work by every single employee, the basis here being qualification through training courses, team spirit, and motivation.

Unsolicited applications
We'll be happy to receive an unsolicited application from you. Please send your application documents to the following e-mail address: personal@christianbauer.com
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