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The fascination of advanced technology
What makes a company distinctive? Is it the products, and what can be realized and achieved with them? Is it the employees?
Is it a culture that makes the difference clear?

Rationally and emotionally, cb has a lot to offer you!

cb philosophy

cb is based on clear principles, and has acted directly as a family-owned company ever since 1880. Expansion is a declared aim – but we never dare to compromise where quality, solution orientation and punctual delivery are concerned. The focus remains firmly on disc springs and precision components for the highest requirements and on fair, trusting and cooperative partnership with our customers.

cb quality

The narrowest of production tolerances lie at the basis of our headquarters in Welzheim, southwest Germany. They are what make cb so special and are a key factor in our company's success. The quality at our company comes from qualified employees. Careful selection and thorough training form the basis for responsible action. The right materials and their efficient processing are also aspects of cb quality.

cb flexibility

The requirements placed on disc springs and precision components can be extremely diverse – just like our production processes. Depending on the individual parameters, production begins on hydraulic presses, eroding machines or CNC machines. Laser technology, measurement data acquisition, computer-controlled continuous hardening furnaces and testing machines then enable the tightest of tolerances to be achieved. We comprehensively test the spring parameters and their service life as well as their settling behavior. State-of-the-art methods such as FMEA are optionally available and guarantee the very best results.
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Christian Bauer
GmbH+Co. KG
Schorndorfer Straße 49
73642 Welzheim, Germany
Tel.: 07182 12 0
Fax: 07182 12 315

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