In the hydrogen industry, reliable and durable components are crucial, especially when it comes to clamping and sealing. Our disc springs offer high-quality solutions that ensure safe and long-term sealing in hydrogen applications.

Proper clamping and sealing are critical for the reliable operation of hydrogen systems, especially electrolysers. Our disc springs ensure that the required tension is maintained over long periods of time to ensure reliable tightness. Thanks to their precise design and the use of suitable materials, they prevent leakage and thus ensure optimum system function and efficiency.

In addition, our disc springs are known for their durability and high load capacity. They are able to withstand the high pressures and temperatures in hydrogen applications and provide a long-term solution for sealing systems.

For fuel cells, we have a specially developed and patented CB spring that is a particularly space-saving solution.

Rely on our experience and expertise to meet the clamping and sealing requirements in your hydrogen applications. Learn more about our high-quality solutions for hydrogen applications and contact us today.


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