Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Disc springs are indispensable components in mechanical engineering. The areas of industrial brakes and industrial clutches are particularly worthy of mention. The combination of quality, experience and precision makes Christian Bauer products the ideal solution for challenging applications.

Industrial brakes are used to stop and hold machinery and equipment safely. Disc springs play a crucial role in this process. They are used in braking mechanisms to press the brake pads against the brake discs, thereby generating friction and thus the braking force. Christian Bauer's disc springs are characterized by their high load capacity, precision and durability, ensuring reliable braking and safety.

Disc springs are also used in industrial clutches. Industrial clutches enable the transmission of torque and are used to connect shafts. Disc springs are used in coupling systems to transmit torque and cushion compensating movements or torque shocks. They ensure precise and frictionless power transmission between machine parts. Christian Bauer's disc springs are known for their high stability, flexibility and durability, resulting in reliable performance of industrial couplings.

As a trusted family business with many years of experience in mechanical engineering, we stand for quality and precision. Our disc springs are manufactured to the highest standards and meet the requirements. We offer customized solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers.

Our customers in the mechanical engineering sector rely on our disc springs to optimize the performance, safety and efficiency of their products. With our expertise and technical know-how, we help them solve complex requirements and provide reliable products that meet the highest quality standards.

Contact us today and let us work together to develop a solution for your specific requirements.

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