Our companyThe fascination of advanced technology

What makes a company distinctive? Is it the products, and what can be realized and achieved with them? Is it the employees? Is it a culture that makes the difference clear?

Rationally and emotionally, cb has a lot to offer you!

Our corporate success is based on living shared values and promoting strong performance with the right strategy. Our corporate culture serves as a guideline for our daily thinking, decision-making and actions.

In order to take into account the dynamic market and its constantly growing customer requirements, we have developed and implemented the cb value creation system.

We consider the ability to manage and optimise operational issues in a stable manner as a central basic competence for securing the future. In this context, we focus all activities on the customer. With the cb value creation system, we define together how to unify, standardise and improve processes along the value chain.

The management of Christian Bauer GmbH + Co KG is committed to this strategy. It has set itself the goal of being successful on the market in the long term and thereby creating added value. With a high level of commitment and adherence to compliance standards, we achieve the greatest possible customer benefit through top performance in quality and service.

We have been following the linear path of a solid family business since 1880. Our top priority is to grow sustainably and profitably. This is how we succeed in constantly increasing the value of the company. Our goal is to occupy the top positions in all business fields. The focus remains on disc springs in all variations and precision parts for the highest demands and a fair, trusting and cooperative partnership with our customers worldwide.

Based on our leadership statement, we have formulated the guidelines for cooperation and management. Our leadership guidelines describe an achievable ideal and have a direct impact on how we deal with each other, what expectations we have of our leaders and how they can be met.
They also serve as a compass in difficult situations and ensure a climate of present trust in which an extraordinary corporate culture develops.
We generate success from the people who dedicate themselves to us with their abilities. The more enthusiasm we feel among our employees, the greater the success.

As a globally active company, Christian Bauer is committed to its social responsibility. The contents of our Code of Conduct are an expression of our shared values. We assume responsibility by considering the consequences of our business decisions and actions in economic, social, ecological and technological terms and by achieving an appropriate balance of interests - for customers and business partners, employees and shareholders. Within the scope of our possibilities and scope for action, we voluntarily contribute to the well-being and sustainable development of the global society at the location where we operate. In doing so, we are guided by valid ethical values and principles, in particular integrity and honesty and respect for human dignity.

This Code of Conduct (Corporate Social Responsibility) applies to all branches and representatives of the cb Group worldwide. They all undertake to promote compliance with these values, including with all suppliers and in the wider value chain.

Our CertificatesSigned and sealed

From customer-specific audits all the way to international norms, cb fulfills a diverse range of standards. We'll be happy to deal with your requirements as well.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001
IATF 16949
KTA 1401
KTA 3204
ISO 14001
ISO 50001