cb Disc springsSmall springs with a big impact

Disc springs and disc spring stacks, slotted disc springs and wave springs, ball-bearing disc springs, conical spring washers and specialist springs: The cb disc spring range is a comprehensive one. These small technical marvels often have a big impact in terms of durability and optimised functionality.

Disc springsHigh-end from the specialists

cb develops and produces disc springs according to DIN EN 16983 (formerly DIN 2093) as well as to customer specification. Just the way you want them – and the most diverse sizes, versions and applications are possible.

Our materials spectrum for disc springs:

  • spring steels, also heat resistant or corrosion-free
  • heat resistant special materials
  • innovative titanium alloys

Disc spring stacksIndividually designed for you

Stacking individual disc springs considerably extends the fields of application where loads and travel are concerned. cb delivers disc spring stacks mounted on erection beams or pre-finished – just the way you like.

In this way, cb disc spring stacks not only reduce your assembly expenditure but also guarantee you maximum reliability.

Thanks to our far-reaching experience and consistent specialization, we can design disc springs in such a way that they fit your application perfectly and are lastingly impressive.

Some examples of cb expertise where disc spring stacks are concerned:

  • Minimal tolerances between guide rod and disc springs
  • Disc spring stacks with different disc spring types for the right force-displacement curves

Slotted disc springsFor enormous loads

Slotted on the inside, the outside, or a combination of the two? Whether it's a drawing or developed precisely to individual customer requirements, cb also supports you with everything related to slotted disc springs.

We offer you classic slotted disc springs for ball bearing applications as well as customized solutions.

Here we design our slotted disc springs in such a way that deflection of the loads remains constant between two fixed points. This is especially advantageous where clutches are concerned.

Since slotted disc springs are generally exposed to high loads, they have to be distinctive for maximum flexibility. Only the right design and the right materials – combined with intelligent production methods – create the basis for this.

cb sets new standards here and fulfills even the extreme requirements of the automotive industry and motorsports. But slotted disc springs can open up interesting new perspectives in other branches of industry as well – we'll be happy to accompany you with practice-based solutions!

Ball bearing disc springsIn slotted and non-slotted versions

These are used for axial preload and balance out any dimensional deviations. Their noise dampening properties contribute to gentle treatment of the ball bearings. cb offers you ball bearing disc springs in slotted variants for low preload – and non-slotted variants for high preload.

In addition to standardized ball bearing disc springs made from spring steel we can also provide you with customized solutions featuring tailored geometries, materials and coatings!

Conical spring washersSmall size, big effect

These spring elements secure thread connections to DIN 6796. Because of the extreme stress to which they are exposed in tough, heavy duty everyday industrial use, the source material, coating and manufacture all have to satisfy very strict requirements. This is the only way to prevent material fracture.

Conical spring washers manufactured by cb give you utterly reliable long-term functioning! We also offer you solutions that vary from the DIN norm: versions in corrosion-free quality and with greater material thicknesses, for example.

Wave springsSuperior manufacture, superior operation

Choose wave springs from cb and you've chosen individual spring elements with minimal spring load tolerances. Thanks to our special production method we achieve superior product quality – of the type required in e.g. automatic transmissions and steering systems.

Whenever conventional wave springs – usually created via cold forming on wire bending machines – reach their limit, it's time to contact cb!

Our wave springs have no problems with safety-critical applications. At the same time we guarantee unique stability – even at higher operating temperatures and an almost infinite number of cycles. And not just with prototypes and short runs, but millions of times over.

Special springsExclusive and also economically efficient

As a specialist for everything to do with disc springs, cb is also your ideal partner wherever the intended purpose varies from the standard one. For example, we also manufacture self-centering disc springs, solutions with spring support on both sides, and switching elements.

With regard to flatform springs or spring clips for pipe connections we'll be happy to accompany you with our expertise, efficiency – and personal consulting!