cb springs
Expertise and focus
We have been developing and producing disc springs ever since 1940. Our disc springs have made a name for themselves and can be found in nearly all sectors of industry – from disc springs for irons to high-tech aerospace products.

Disc springs
cb develops and produces disc springs according to DIN 2093 as well as to customer specifications. Just the way you want them – and always with the very highest level of quality!
Disc spring stacks
Stacking individual disc springs considerably extends the fields of application where loads and travel are concerned. With cb disc spring stacks, thanks to our expertise, you can tap the full potential!
Slotted disc springs
Slotted on the inside, the outside or in combination? cb supports you in every regard where slotted disc springs are concerned!
Wave springs
In this sector cb gives you customized spring elements with minimal spring-force tolerances.
Ball-bearing disc springs
cb offers you ball bearing disc springs in slotted and non-slotted versions, naturally with all the benefits you've come to expect from us!
Conical spring washers
These spring elements guarantee thread connections to DIN 6796. The highly stressed components are manufactured by cb, so their long-term functioning can be relied on absolutely!
Special springs
Special requirements demand unique solutions. At cb you've come to the right place wherever disc springs for the highest standards are required!