Shipbuilding & Offshore

Shipbuilding & Offshore

Shipbuilding and offshore projects are confronted with massive environmental influences. To meet the demanding requirements, we at Christian Bauer offer customized disc spring solutions for shipbuilding and the offshore industry. Our products not only ensure the safety and reliability of your projects, but also the highest precision and quality.

Disc springs play a crucial role in these demanding industries. They make it possible to handle extraordinary dimensions, high forces and strict certification and acceptance standards. For example, they provide reliable damping, force transmission, preload, precise and stable positioning, and reduction of vibrations and oscillations.

In this way, they play an important role in ensuring the smooth functionality of the systems. And with all this, our disc springs offer high load capacity, resistance to corrosion and long service life to withstand the harsh conditions at sea.

As an experienced disc spring manufacturer with a long tradition and a strong commitment to quality, we pride ourselves on providing customized solutions for the marine and offshore sectors.

So bring your project to a safe harbor with our custom disc springs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and our commitment to safety and precision in extreme environments.


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