Wind Energy

Wind Energy

In the wind energy industry, safe and reliable components are crucial, especially when it comes to gearboxes, clutches and brakes.

When disc springs are used in wind energy gearboxes, safety plays a central role. Thanks to their robust design and high load-bearing capacity, they can withstand the high stresses in wind turbines and thus ensure safe operation.

Disc springs are also indispensable in clutches and brakes. They ensure precise torque transmission and enable fast and safe braking of the turbine, even under extreme weather conditions. This ensures optimum protection against unexpected loads and efficient power generation.

Christian Bauer attaches great importance to safety and quality. Our disc springs are manufactured according to strict standards and are characterized by their durability and reliability. Rely on our experience and expertise to maximize the safety and performance of your wind turbines.

On land or at sea, exceptional dimensions and exceptional requirements. Rely on our experience and contact us today.

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